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Recently, I had a unique experience of working with a dislocated team for a usability testing project, and this was during the pandemic. The team was composed of freelancers working with a digital consulting company. My teammates and I were working from Hong Kong, Cebu, and Metro Manila, while the test participants were from different parts of the Philippines.

I joined in the middle of an ongoing project for a financial institution that was redesigning their website. The project timeline was a little tight. But before any redesign, the client recognized the need to first understand the behavior of both…

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My last project in PayMe App was about sharing expenses. At that time, there was an initiative to make payments more social and less transactional. Hence, I kept this in mind when I worked on a feature that aimed to enable people share their group expenses by using the mobile app.

I was happy to have contributed my vision of splitting bills within a group. Here are some of the considerations during the early stages of this project:


Before I worked on any design drafts, these were some of the main questions that I started with:

  • Are group expenses a…

Latest released version as of April 2021

I previously worked on a mobile tutorial project for PayMe App in Hong Kong. The goal of the project was to address one of the major feedback that we gathered from its users. We found that a lot of people couldn’t add their bank accounts as a top-up source in this mobile payment app.

During a short span of time, I had the opportunity of working on the user interface before PayMe 2.0 was released last August 2019. I was quite happy that some of my designs were included in the released version.

Before PayMe 2.0 was released, the app…

When I was starting out, one of the best experiences that I had was when I joined a startup company as a UX/UI Designer.

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Sure, working in a startup environment sounds fun. The stories of flexibility and freedom that it entails spark curiosity into people’s minds, making it enticing to explore a career in the startup scene. In reality, working in a startup just presents a different set of challenges. One of which requires you to wear a lot of hats as the only designer in the team.

I wouldn’t exactly say that working in a startup was fun. What makes things fun is a subjective matter, some people find a day at an amusement park fun, while some find it dreadful. From what…

For the last 5 years, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what a good designer is. How does one become a good designer? What is good design anyway? After a career change from system administration to UX design, I have been trying to learn as much as I could about design. I consider myself a self-taught designer. I’ve been using online resources and attending design conferences to immerse myself with design concepts and practices.

I was able to work alongside designers, developers and stakeholders. All of whom have inspired me with their insights and practical knowledge of the…

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